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You know, when I promised you that I would come back uploading, I didn't consider how much lazy (and totally not organized) I am. But still, I managed to get some pages done.

So, where are the so long awaited comic pages, you may ask.
Well... I had a little (and I literally mean "little") problem. After much work, long nights passed while drawing and inking, I stumbled upon a particular obstacle, the kind of problem some of you may know: my scanner is too small.

Yes, my scanner, which served me for years now, has proven to be too small even for a sheet of fabriano A4 paper. Hooray.

Well, now what, you may still be asking. The answer is simple: I can either take my work to a professional typography and scan it there, or simply buy a bigger scanner.
After a bit of thinking, I decided I'll go for a new scanner. Why is that? Well, considering the amount of traditional pictures I make, taking them to a professional would mean spending time to get there, get a proper scan and, obviously, pay for it every time. So, in the end, a new scanner will simply repay itself over time.

But why am I talking about this in such a detailed paragraph?
I'm telling you this, guys, so you know why right now I'm asking you to be a little patient: I want my pictures to have at least a decent quality, so I'm not just going to take pictures of them.

I know some of you aren't exactly dying to see my six pages comic, and to you I'm now communicating that, while I'm waiting for a new scanner, I'm going to draw a couple of tiny pictures, some of them introducing the comic's characters and maaaybe a tiny dragon or two (man I miss them...).

Now some news...

First of all, I decided (after a long, long thinking) to try and learn to use some digital medias. I just started going to a short class about Photoshop, and in the near future I'll start experimenting with it and maybe posting the best results.

About unbelievable decisions: I'm in the process of creating my own (ugh...) facebook page...
Yyeeaahh... I don't like the idea, and I don't like facebook either (and by that I mean not a single bit), but in the last months, I realized that most people (or, at least, most of the ones I spoke to) tend to consider facebook almost more professional than an official website, so it seems that I'm going to create a page (but not a personal account. Just no). Anyway, I'll post the link here once it will be open. Just know that it won't take the place of dA, and that I'm still going to submit my stuff here ;)

So, stay tuned in the next days for the tiny drawings and, hopefully, the complete six pages black and white comic "Gorgon's Eye" :la:

Thanks for your patience, I promise it'll be repaid :hug:
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Bunnyhead concept by Emisferosinistro
Bunnyhead concept
You thought I was finished?
You hoped I wouldn't ever subject you to it again?


... and yet here it is: a new Demon from the "Gorgon's Eye"'s universe! Yay! :dummy:

Now, this is a simple design which I just had too many sketches of laying around to be ignored, so I decided to just refine it and submit it.

Well, what can I say about him? If you remember my Neptune concept, I explained a bit of how my Demons work, so I'm not going to copy and paste it here, but in case you missed it, here's the link to the picture:

Anyway, regarding Bunnyhead: actually, his animal features aren't the ones of a rabbit (or any rodent anyway). I opted for a more jackal-like mixture, even though I didn't make him very canine-like in the final design. The nickname "Bunnyhead" was actually given to him by Jen (here she is, in case you don't remember her:
He is also a red rank Demon, meaning that he isn't very powerful, though he is quite intelligent and communicative, despite him being almost mute except for a few growls every now and then, and a powerful scream that he can use as a weapon.
As you can see from his equipment, he isn't as disgusted by humans as Neptune is, and he would be willing to get close to and communicate with them.

Let me know what do you think about him :)

Made with Photoshop CS5
Commission: 'Moonlight' by Emisferosinistro
Commission: 'Moonlight'
Oh, hey there! :aww:

Oh my, what's that? *gasps* a dragon? A real dragon?

Yes it is! :boogie:

I got this commission from a girl on my same acting group, and it just felt awesome to draw a dragon again after all the comics/weird creatures/random possessed ship I made in between :la:

Anyway, enjoy! ^^

Pencils and gel pens on black paper.

Edit: new watermark! :la:
Zip by Emisferosinistro
Sometimes, there's a whole world behind.

Well, you have no idea how much I had to edit this piece before submitting:first, my scanner oversaturated the top half, it almost looked radioactive; then, I had to spend a whole day editing the colours.

Also, you may have noticed that I didn't use the dA standard watermark on this one...
*ahehm*, behold my new, own watermark! *angelic chorus plays in the background*
Yeah, it's a bit tiny, but it's still recognizable, is it? XD

Anyway, I'm going to also make an alternative version of this piece, so stay tuned for it!

Watercolours, coloured pencils and white acrylics and gel pen on watercolour paper.
Quill (practice) by Emisferosinistro
Quill (practice)
Here's a new digital piece. I need to practice more -.-

If any of you has any suggestion, tip or critique, feel free to tell me about it ^^

Photoshop CS5
Fishing by Emisferosinistro
Oh, hi there! :)

Well, yes, I'm once again rising from the dead. With a bunny! :dummy:

Now, I started doodling this piece about two or three weeks ago, right in the middle of the world championship of magic (fism). You know what it means?
Magicians! Magicians everywhere, that's what it means :icondeathstareplz: and enough cards to build an entire city out of them. Yes.

Now, as I stated previously, magicians don't work with rabbits anymore, but I still wanted to portrait their past partner in this lovely... oh, who am I kidding: I just needed it to have hands to hold the fishing rod with.

But, aww, what a cute picture: a lovely white bunny in a waistcoat joyfully playing with a tiny magician. Adorable, am I right?

Now, look closer: do you see the hats lying next to the rabbit? What are they there for? Is the rabbit hunting for magicians? And what does he do with them?
Hmmm... ;)

Black ballpoint pen, coloured pencils and a drop of white gel pen on paper.


Name? What name?
Artist | Varied
So, you know, since the day when a Portal opened under my feet and crashed me on this strange planet I had to integrate with the local population. My first choice was for the cats, but, unfortunately, my body wasn't cat-likely enough, so I had to become a human. As a human, my objective is to become a professional illustrator.
Trust me, someday somebody will take me back home... but for now, I'm just your favourite intruder B-)

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